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The Microbial Genomics Resource Group (MGRG) within the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine operates in a highly collaborative fashion. Our mission is to promote genomics-based research involving microbial communities as well as specific microorganisms and we function as a School of Medicine research resource. While our primary desire is to interact with other researchers in a collaborative fashion to assist with study design, assay development, molecular biology, analysis and interpretation to ensure successful projects, the MGRG provides technical services on a fee-for-service basis as well. Technical resources include Illumina MiSeq sequencing-by-synthesis for 16S based phylogenetic and metatranscriptomic analyses. Our facility is fully equipped and staffed to be able to accept either raw clinical samples or isolated nucleic acids, perform rDNA PCR, and prepare the sequencing libraries. We also have the expertise to perform bioinformatics analysis and data visualization.


Chris Taylor, PhD

Bioinformatics Director
Microbiome Visualization

David Welsh, MD

Associate Professor
Project Design

Meng Luo, PhD

Molecular Biology

Vince Maffei, BS

MD/PhD Student
Microbiome Analysis

Derrick Samuelson, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher
Model Organisms

Gene Blanchard, BS

Bioinformatics Analyst


  • In July 2016, Dr. Taylor was appointed as the Director of the Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Computational Biology Core of the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network. In this role he will lead the training and support of researchers throughout the Louisiana State University system in computational analysis of biomedical data.

  • In January 2015, Dr. Taylor was selected as the winner of $5,000 of Illumina sequencing regents in Illumina’s MiSeq My Focus contest. His entry described recent work in the MGRG exploring microbial diversity in the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract, airways and hospital environments. This research spotlight is featured on Illumina’s iCommunity newsletter portal.


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